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Intermodal Freight Services

Apart from being a shipping method that can improve your business's bottom line by saving on expensive freight transportation costs, intermodal transportation is a means of moving freight involving the use of containers and multiples modes of transportation, including rail, ocean and over the road. All that you and your business need to provide is where the freight must be shipped and when it needs to deliver; we take care of

the rest. We are comitted in reducing your shipping cost and maximizing efficiency within the intermodal transportation system. Intermodal transportation experience can be tailord to your business's unique needs.

"We are passionate about helping businesses with their freight shipping needs because we understand the modern freight transportation system!"

We can provide you with the following intermodal services:

  • Domestic, import and export container management

  • Complete rail network coverage

  • 20, 40, 45, 48 & 53 feet containers

  • Customer response team

  • Customized management reports

  • Web based tracking system

  • Personalized email alert notification